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Complete guide to using PROMAX Expert Advisor

The gold trading robot, ProMax EA, is fully automated with a smart news filter that allows the Expert Advisor to analyze both technical and fundamental news at the same time. Whether the gold market is trending up or down, ProMax EA will take positions based on available trading opportunities.

  • ProMax EA analyzes technical and fundamental news
  • 20% to 48% of estimated monthly profit
  • Fully automated trading whatever the market situation
  • Automatic lot management according to the capital available on the trading account
  • Automatic lot management based on the funds available on the trading account.
  • The Expert Advisor only works with XAU-USD pair on MetaTrader 4
  • The best setting of the trading robot is provided by default
  • Opening and closing of positions when they are in profit
  • Installation of the Expert Advisor in 5 min thanks to a user guide

How does ProMax EA work ?

ProMax EA only works for XAU-USD (GOLD) pair on MetaTrader 4 trading software. The Expert Advisor has an internal setting which is programmed to monitor market news as well as fundamental analyzes. By collecting all this information, ProMax EA can take positions at the best times.

The gold trading robot is designed and programmed to position itself only with an accuracy greater than 88%. If the trades are up or down, unlike positions taken in the market, it will use a smart grid to close them in equilibrium with no loss. For a better understanding of the expected results, see for yourself the verified follow-up on MyFxBook.

Verified results on MyFxBook

To give you an accurate idea of how ProMax EA is performing, a real $ 1000 trading account is active and verifiable.

What are the requirements for using ProMax EA ?

  • Works on all types of Brokers offering to use MetaTrader 4.
  • The minimum funds to start trading is 1000 € / $
  • You don't need to be an expert to use this trading robot. Easy installation!
  • Open an XAU-USD chart with a 5 minutes period to start trading using ProMax EA.
  • For optimal speed, the use of a VPS is recommended.

Tips and Important Information About ProMax EA

  • Avoir des positions ouvertes pendant quelques jours en perte latente (drawdown) est normal. Soyez patient jusqu'à ce que ProMax EA clôture en profit.
  • Ne fermez aucune transaction ouverte manuellement ou n'effectuiez aucunes transactions manuellement sur le même compte de trading, cela perturberait le système de gestion de l'argent par ProMax EA.
  • N'utilisez pas d'autres indicateurs ou robots de trading sur le même compte avec lequel est utilisé ProMax EA.
  • N'utilisez pas ProMax EA sur un compte dont le capital est inférieur à 1000 EUR / USD
  • Vérifiez que l'option "auto trading" soit activée dans votre logiciel MetaTrader 4.
  • ProMax doit être actif 24/24 heures. Afin de garder votre logiciel MetaTrader 4 toujours en activité, il est préférable d'utiliser VPS (poste de travail Microsoft Windows en ligne). Sans quoi, n'éteignez jamais votre ordinateur et désactivez le mode "veille".

Comment installer ProMax EA sur MetaTrader 4 ?

Watch the how-to video below to install ProMax EA in less than a few minutes. The best settings are offered to you in the form of predefined files. It is not necessary to change these settings. Just add them to MetaTrader 4 and launch the software.

An “EA”, also known as an “Expert Advisor”, is a form of artificial intelligence that automatically trades on your behalf. Indicators are signals displayed on the chart that let you know when to buy and when to sell.

The download link will be emailed to you directly after your purchase.

Installing ProMax EA is very easy. There are two installation methods, either using the PDF guide provided after your order or using the installation video provided above.

ProMax EA can only be installed on MetaTrader 4 software for Microsoft Windows (computer or VPS). But you can monitor the progress of trading using your smartphone and MetaTrader 4 for mobile.

Each order of a ProMax EA license entitles you to use the Expert Advisor with only one “real” account and one “demo” account. To do this, send the “real” and “demo” customer number to technical support after your order in order to activate them.

ProMax EA manages a single pair, XAU-USD. The Expert Advisor was created for gold trading.

ProMax EA can be installed at all brokers that allow the use of Meta Trader 4. Choose a regulated / authorized Broker on European territory to guarantee its reliability. Don’t be tempted by an “exotic” Broker offering leverage of 1:100 or more.

ProMax EA might not trade for several reasons such as :

a) The “allow DLL imports” box has not been checked.
b) The “auto trading” box on the top bar has not been checked.
c) The “time frime” is not correct (choose 5 minutes).
d) The predefined file for the XAU-USD pair has not been installed correctly.
e) The Forex market is closed on weekends.

Yes, but you will no longer benefit from the best policy settings that have been created for the Expert Advisor. As a result, the proper functioning of ProMax EA will be compromised.

Monthly earnings vary depending on the market and the Expert Advisor. For further clarification, please visit the MyFxBook links shown above.

No, each Expert Advisor must be installed on a separate trading account number and MetaTrader 4 platform. This possibility has been tested and disapproved because each Expert Advisor reacts according to the available capital.

The minimum funds required to start trading gold with ProMax EA is € / $ 1000. The lot size is automatically set by ProMax EA based on the amount available in your account. For every 1000 € / $, the lot size will be 0.01. For example, for an available capital of 5000 € / $, the lot size will be 0.05.