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FOREX trading made easy with an Expert Advisor

An EA (Expert Advisor) is a tool developed by traders for traders. The trading experience is transposed into an algorithm and a selection of parameters that will take positions according to defined conditions. As a result, taking a buy or sell position on a financial instrument is simplified and improved to increase profit taking.

EA: Trading robot linked to Meta Trader 4

  • Fully automated
  • Automatic lots management
  • Secure money management
  • Fast Trades 24/24h with VPS
  • Auto Trading with MetaTrader 4
  • Auto Stop Loss & Take Profit
  • Minimum 1000€ to start
  • Up to 10% - 48% monthly profit
  • Leverage 1:30 or more
  • Easy to install on PC and VPS

Evolution perspective from 1000€ onwards

A very interesting profit taking perspective

On the basis of taking a position at 0.01 lots per 1000€, a profit curve can be drawn to get an idea of the potential to use a successful EA. It should be taken into account that the capital is accumulated with the profits, which will gradually increase the lots on future positions. In green, the best probability with a return of 1% per day. In blue, the reasonable average for a return of 0.75% per day and finally in red, the worst situation with a return of 0.5% / working day.

Since the CFD market is volatile and can change abruptly, it is best to project a reasonable average with an estimated return of 15% per month. Obviously, if the conditions are favorable, one can expect to achieve a 30% or more increase in value!

The graph represents the 3 situations with a starting capital of 1000€ and an evolution over 24 months.

How to start trading Forex ?

4 steps to start trading Forex

Choose a regulated broker

A regulated broker is an intermediary approved by the European financial authorities. Your trading account is safe !

Order a VPS

The use of a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is essential if you want to increase the speed of execution to take positions.

Install MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 is the benchmark trading software with which you can connect a whole microcosm like an Expert Advisor.

Install the Expert Advisor

An Expert Advisor can be considered as a trading robot. It is set up to take a position at the right time.

Simplify your trading

The advantages of using an Expert Advisor

Automatic position taking

Depending on the predefined parameters (safe or aggressive), the EA will take the most appropriate buy and sell positions on its own.

Automatic money management

Risk taking is locked in around the lot that depends on your capital. This is managed according to the amount of money available in your account.

Works with a capital of 1000€ or more

With a capital of 1000€, the Expert Advisor can start trading lots of 0.01 on the Forex market. From a choice of 5 to 25 currency pairs.

Up to 10 currency pairs to trade at once

The available pairs are : EUR-USD, EUR-AUD, GBP-USD, EUR-NZD, USD-CAD, EUR-CAD, AUD-USD, GBP-AUD, GBP-CAD, GBP-NZD, etc. Enough to take some positions !

Greatly improved odds of winning

With an automatic management of TP (take profit) and SL (stop loss), the Expert Advisor closes the positions at the most opportune moments.

Speed of execution of orders up to 1ms

With the use of a VPS, orders are sent to the broker with a speed of up to 1 millisecond. Impossible for a human being !

Winning Trades

Winning Trades

Average of closed positions in profit.

An impressive success rate !

With 79% of positions closed in profit, the Expert Advisor enhances your capital

Whether you choose to use a forex or gold trading robot on your own account, or even to trade via an asset management platform, an EA will serve you well.

  • Created by and for traders
  • Proven trading robot
  • Objective decision making
  • Diluted risks on 10 pairs

Make the difference !

Trading technology at the service of the trader