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Open a trading account with a regularized Broker

The first thing to do is obviously to create a trading account with a Broker. Thanks to this financial intermediary, you will be able to deposit money with which an Expert Assistant can start Forex trading for you. Take into account that you will always have the hand on the trading robot to stop a position if you wish.

For security, it is better to choose a regulated broker. This means that he is authorized to practice on European territory because he complies with the requirements of European legislation. It is both a guarantee of seriousness and reliability. As a result, this considerably reduces the number of Brokers you can turn to in order to create your trading account.

Vantage FX

Broker regulated by several monetary authorities around the world, the company has existed since 2009 and is established in Australia where it is also regulated by ASIC, whose level of trust is one of the highest. The platform is available in English and has MetaTrader 4.

AVA Trade

Created in 2006, AVA Trade has established its reputation through marketplaces. The company is Irish, which means that European legislation is more than respected and its subsidiaries are regulated on all continents. The platform is in French and you will be able to use MetaTrader 4 while enjoying a bonus when creating your trading account.

Easy Markets

Easy Markets is a regulated broker in Europe which started its activity in 2001. Hundreds of thousands of traders have already had the opportunity to use their platform. This is in English, but particularly intuitive. What interests us is the possibility of using Meta Trader 4 and why not take advantage of a 50% bonus on your first deposit !

Choose the regulated broker in Europe that suits you best

Generally, the choice of a regulated broker in Europe is mainly based on its reliability. The costs that may result from trading should be placed in the background when one seeks above all the security of his capital to invest. As a result, there is no need to look for the best cost per Spread or the highest leverage. Either way for own account investors who do not trade professionally with high capital, any of the 3 Brokers listed above will be more than enough.

When using an Expert Assistant with Meta Trader 4, it is in order to be able to connect the software to the Broker’s server so that the operations can be carried out as quickly as possible. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended to use a quality service. Forex Winner has selected the stakeholders who can meet these needs. Trusted brokers, ultra-fast remote office providers (VPS + Microsoft Windows), software for auto trading and of course, powerful trading robots.