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ProMax EA

Complete guide to using PROMAX Expert Advisor

The gold trading robot, ProMax EA, is fully automated with a smart news filter that allows the Expert Advisor to analyze both technical and fundamental news at the same time. Whether the gold market is trending up or down, ProMax EA will take positions based on available trading opportunities.

Prop Firm EA

Complete guide to use PROP FIRM Expert Advisor

Prop Firm EA is a Forex trading robot with a very low unrealized drawdown of 4.20% and an estimated monthly profit margin of 10% to 20%. The Expert Assitant is compatible with finance companies such as FTMO, MY FOREX FUNDS, etc.

Red Fox EA

Complete guide to using RED FOX Expert Assistant

The Red Fox trading robot is an Expert Advisor designed for traders who want to have low unrealized loss (drawdown) and steady profit growth through quick and smart take-up. Red Fox EA offers two trading modes. A safe mode with a very low latent loss which can be diluted on 5 pairs and an aggressive mode which can proceed on 9 pairs.