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Use an Expert Advisor to position your trades

There are countless solutions for doing automatic trading using an Expert Advisor. Some trading robots work, others less well and there are still a good number of them that will have no other effect than to decrease the capital of a trading account. These, it is better to avoid them. It is for this reason that a selection of 3 Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4 are presented in order to improve profit-taking trading opportunities.

Red Fox EA

Red Fox EA is a trading robot that offers two positions taking profiles. Either a secure setting with a latent loss (Drawdown / negative position without being closed) of maximum 18% for a configuration based on 5 pairs or an aggressive setting with a latent loss of 38% for a trading configuration on 9 different pairs.

ProMax EA

This trading robot is dedicated to a single pair, XAU-USD, ie the gold market (Gold). Whether upward or downward, positions will be taken at key times and resistance points where the direction is most likely. It should be taken into account that the gold market is very volatile and sensitive to Dollars. Better to monitor the positions daily to avoid a drastic change following important financial news.

Prop Firm EA

This Expert Advisor has been designed to meet a specific request. That of passing the trading test to obtain the management of an account financed by FTMO. Other parameters could facilitate access to platforms such as LeeLoo, TopStep or even UpProfit. The Drawdon is 4.20% for an expected profit of 10-20% / month.

How to choose a successful Expert Advisor ?

The performance of an Expert Advisor will always be variable because there are no certainties in the financial markets. And that of Forex is no exception. A trading robot’s mission will be to close as many positions as possible by creating profit. It will also close losing positions. But in this specific case, it will be to avoid a greater loss when an open position will be difficult to recover in profit taking. Ideally, you will need to choose an Expert Advisor that matches your goals and the amount you are willing to invest.

Consider using a VPS (virtual server with Microsoft Windows) to install MetaTrader 4. The connection (ping) between the VPS and the Broker’s server will be significantly improved. Which can be up to 20 or 30 times faster than on a desktop computer. This will promote the speed of execution of orders by the trading robot and also increase the potential for profit taking.