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Choose a VPS for the speed of trading

Choosing to use a hosting or a VPS server to install Microsoft Windows and MetaTrader 4 is an excellent solution in order to optimize the speed of positions taken. With an average reaction rate of up to 1 millisecond, your personal computer will never be able to do the same. In addition, having a VPS and a Expert Advisor (or trading AI) to enhance your capital allows you tobe active 24 hours a day non-stop ! You let the IT manage your Forex positions and you observe thanks to the Broker’s mobile application or the Trading platform. Childish simplicity and efficiency !

Forex VPS

Forex VPS is a company that has 5 data centers in order to always be as close as possible to Brokers‘ servers. The speed of the network used allows them to reach a connection at 1 millisecond to allow you to use Artificial Intelligence such as Expert Advisor with ultra fast decision making. Quality material used by thousands of traders around the world!


FXVM has 8 data centers around the world to provide high quality service. Shared and dedicated VPS offers for all configurations. Likewise, a latency of one millisecond maximum for connections to the servers of major brokers. For nearly 10 years, this Forex player has counted thousands of traders on his Virtual Private Servers platform.


What sets this VPS provider apart from others is the very low prices offered to traders. FxSVPS has several offers spread across its 4 data centers in order to reach the greatest number of investors. Depending on the broker you have chosen, the latency will be slightly higher than the other VPS providers mentioned above. Choosing FxSVPS is above all a choice of economy !

How to choose a VPS for Forex trading ?

Typically, a trader will use only one account per Expert Advisor. As a result, the majority of VPS users will not need more than the so-called “basic” offer. When you plan to use multiple Expert Assistants, just think of a CPU core for an Expert Advisor. As a result, they will be able to operate without the power of your VPS being entirely devoted to a single Expert Advisor rather than the other or reducing the performance of the VPS due to the calculations of the algorithms.

For example, with an offer of 2 cores, you can easily install MetaTrader 4 twice and integrate two artificial intelligences for the operation of 2 separate trading accounts.

As you will have understood, a VPS is very useful, even essential, to significantly increase the decision-making of the Experts Advisors. Thanks to these quickly placed positions, the algorithms will have an easier time increasing profit taking but also more drastically limiting losses in the event of a market reversal. Either way, for trading based on artificial intelligence, you will need to choose a VPS offering in order to improve the return on your capital in the Forex market.