US presidential elections: what is important to know

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An indirect vote elects the US president. After the votes are counted, an electoral college is formed in each state, which will elect a president on December 14. They will have to vote the way the voters in the state voted. For example, in Texas, if the majority of votes are for Trump, then all electors from the state will have to vote for him. Following the approval of the election results by the Senate in early January 2021, the inauguration of the US President will take place on January 20.

The American media traditionally focus on the so-called "fluctuating" states. These are the states where one of the candidates does not have a significant advantage. American publications name a different number of such key states, but the largest are generally recognized as Florida with 29 electoral votes and Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes.

The incumbent President Donald Trump has already announced his victory on Twitter. While Joe Biden also did not stand aside and confidently announced his advantage. According to Biden, he leads a number of key states, including Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Yet to win, at least 270 electoral votes are needed, and the tally in some key states is still ongoing. Bloomberg stressed that so far neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden has received the necessary number of electoral votes to win. Both presidential candidates are practically on the same level: Biden had 223 electoral votes at the time of this writing, and Trump had 212 votes.

There is no significant advantage for one candidate or another in those states where the main struggle is taking place. North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Montana, and Wisconsin have not yet shown a clear result. Ohio and Iowa, according to Fox News, prefer to see US President Donald Trump. Michigan's final results will not appear until Wednesday evening. However, according to preliminary data, the leadership there so far belongs to Trump. Arizona surprised this time. Trump won the last election there, this time the leadership belongs to Biden. Florida favors Trump.

California traditionally votes for Democrats, so Biden is expected to win his majority in the state. And although the counting of votes has not ended yet, Washington still shows a colossal advantage of Biden - 92% against 5.9%. In New York, the majority voted for Biden, rather than for Trump, although the difference is insignificant - 55.1% versus 43.6%.

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Katie Primer said on Tuesday that the full vote count would not be completed on November 3, election day. Trump, however, did not approve of the Supreme Court decision, which allowed Pennsylvania to accept previously submitted ballots within three days of voting day.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump voted early. Many celebrities have taken advantage of this early voting opportunity. By contrast, First Lady Melania Trump chose to vote on election day at a Florida precinct.

It should be admitted that the final results of the elections this year will be summed up a little later than it was earlier. The protracted vote count is associated with voting by mail. Due to the coronavirus and restrictive measures, more than 100 million Americans voted early this year by mail or at polling stations. This is over 47% of all registered voters and 73% of the number of people who voted in the elections in 2016.

It is likely that mass protests and riots may unfold in the US after the completion of the vote. They hastened to install a protective fence near the White House and even boarded up shop windows in large cities.

In Russia, a possible change of power in the United States, according to the media of the Russian power structures, causes some concern. Although officially the President of the Russian Federation announced his readiness to work with any president of America.

Most likely, the sanctions policy could change its vector under the new US president. If Trump wins, dramatic changes in attitudes towards Russia are unlikely. Biden has already announced drastic changes in American policy towards Russia.

Analysts suggest that the risk and anxiety associated with the US presidential elections are already included in the value of the ruble and the foreign exchange market. However, in the week before the elections, the ruble began to fall sharply. And the day before the elections, the ruble went down to multi-month lows.

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