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Trading 10 sept 2019 Donner votre avis


Despite the crushing blows that he received from Parliament last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain would leave the EU no later than October 31, 2019. Let me remind you that the Parliament blocked Johnson's right to leave the EU without an agreement, and then the Parliament blocked Johnson's ability to hold early elections. A possible option was opened by Ireland: as you know, the key problem for leaving the EU and the agreement was the need for Britain to enter the customs border with Ireland if it leaves. Johnson seems to have received Ireland's readiness to resolve the border issue with Britain directly - upon exit. This opens up the possibility of an agreement with the EU.


The main event for the euro - ECB decisions on Thursday September 12 - The ECB has promised a new stimulus package.

The idea expressed in the media: new incentives are practically useless for the EU economy - however, the ECB cannot allow the euro to strengthen ... Thus, perhaps the main goal of the ECB now is precisely the undervaluation of the euro exchange rate.

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