July 15, 2019 : EUR/USD maintains short-term bullish outlook below 1.1275.

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Initially, Temporary Bullish breakout above 1.1335 was demonstrated (suggesting a high probability bullish continuation pattern).

However, the EURUSD pair has failed to maintain that bullish persistence above 1.1320 and 1.1275 (the depicted price levels/zones).

This was followed by a deeper bearish pullback towards 1.1175 where significant bullish price action was demonstrated on June 18.

The EURUSD looked overbought around 1.1400 facing a confluence of supply levels. Thus, a bearish pullback was initiated towards 1.1275 as expected in a previous article.

Further Bearish decline below 1.1275 enhanced a deeper bearish decline towards 1.1235 (the lower limit of the newly-established bullish channel) which failed to provide enough bullish support for the EUR/USD.

The recent bearish breakdown below 1.1235 invited further bearish momentum to move towards 1.1175.

However, significant bullish momentum was earlier demonstrated around 1.1200 bringing the EUR/USD pair again above 1.1235.

That's why, the recent bullish pullback was expected to pursue towards the price zone around 1.1275 where a confluence of resistance/supply levels came to meet the pair.

A recent double-top Bearish pattern Is being demonstrated around the price zone of 1.1275 where a valid Intraday SELL position was suggested in previous articles.

Bearish persistence below the pattern neckline around (1.1235) is mandatory to confirm the short-term trend reversal into bearish towards 1.1175.

Otherwise, the EUR/USD pair remains trapped between the depicted price-zones (1.1235-1.1275) until breakout occurs in either directions (More probably to the downside).

Trade recommendations :

For Intraday traders, a high-probability SELL Trade can be considered anywhere near the depicted KEY-ZONE around 1.1275.

Initial Target levels to be located around 1.1235, 1.1200 and 1.1175. Stop Loss should be placed above 1.1300.

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