Evening review 02/12/2020 EURUSD. US elections and weak eurozone data

Trading 13 fév 2020 Donner votre avis


Main news:

Eurozone: eurozone output sharply fell to 4-year lows. This is bad for the euro.

US: the election race begins. If everything is clear with the Republican candidate - Trump is running for the second term, then the Democratic candidate is just beginning to clear up.

The first primaries were held - in New Hampshire: Sanders won with a small margin while Pete Buttigieg was in second.

Sensation: Warren and Biden, who were considered favorites for a long time, remained far behind.

This is not Sanders' final victory. of course. but a very serious claim that Sanders will be a candidate.

Sanders is very left-wing. He is a firm supporter of free medicine and free education.

The battle will be interesting.

EURUSD: the euro remains under pressure after weak data on the eurozone economy.

We keep selling from 1.0990.

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