Man Arrested After 11 Animals Reported Missing From Zoo, Several Recovered

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Police in Florida on Tuesday arrested a 20-year-old suspect after officials recovered several animals that were reported missing in May from a local college teaching zoo. Sedrick Tyrezi Price was arrested for the theft of 11 animals from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo. Seven of the missing animals were returned on Monday after police received an anonymous tip that the creatures were inside a Gainesville apartment, Santa Fe College police said.

EUR/USD: The European currency has gained a lot of allies

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The euro is in demand this week. Paired with the dollar, the single currency is already entrenched in the 17th figure and still demonstrates the upward movement. The growth of the EUR/USD pair is mainly due to the demand for the euro, and not the weakness of the US currency. However, greenback also suspended the rally, despite the success of the US economy.

But let's start with European information guides. The common currency received unexpected support from all sides: the political situation in Italy and Spain stabilized, inflation resumed growth, and the rhetoric of the ECB members became noticeably tougher. Such a combination of fundamental factors against the backdrop of an almost empty economic calendar helped the EUR/USD bulls to escape from annual lows, and now the price is trying to overcome a not very strong resistance level 1.1770 (the Tenkan-sen line on the daily chart).

In general, traders had reasonable hopes for the renewal of the ECB's "hawkish" intentions regarding QE and even the interest rate. Literally yesterday, the Italian Parliament put an end to the multi-week political crisis, having approved the composition of the government. Despite the fact that populists and Eurosceptics were de facto in power, Rome is now far from implementing anti-European scenarios (such as withdrawing from the EU or the euro area). In addition, the post of Minister of Economy was occupied not by the odious "enemy of Brussels" Paolo Savonne, but by the pro-European professor Giovanni Tria. In other words, the Italian events are no longer on the agenda of traders, as well as the events in Spain, where the Prime Minister and, accordingly, the government changed. The market turned this chapter over, although several weeks in a row the euro was under the yoke of political uncertainty.

It should be noted that the hype of political battles eclipsed a very important event. European inflation resumed its growth, falling to 1.9%. This indicator has reached its peak since April last year after a significant decline. The core consumer price index (without taking into account volatile prices for energy, food and spirits) also turned out to be better than expected, having reached the level of 1.1%. The powerhouses of the European inflationary growth were Germany and France. In these countries, inflation overcame the ECB's target, having jumped 2.3% in May.


Such confident dynamics suggests that at the June meeting of the European Central Bank (which will be held the following week), the regulator members will discuss the issue of curtailing the stimulus program and, possibly, designate a temporary landmark (autumn of this year). Representatives of the ECB indirectly or even directly confirm this assumption. For example, the chief economist of the Central Bank Peter Praet said yesterday that this issue will be included in the agenda of the June meeting. In general, Praet surprised traders with his optimistic statement. He focused on the growth of the European economy, as well as on existing signals indicating that inflation is reaching the target level of the ECB.

In other words, he hinted quite transparently on the completion of QE at the end of the third quarter of this year. And although he repeated the position of Mario Draghi that the rate will remain at the same level and after the exit of the stimulating program, the market was optimistic about such words. The fact is that next year the composition of the ECB will change significantly - first of all, the cautious "dove", Draghi will leave his post. The head of the ECB is likely to be occupied by the German Jens Weidmann, who consistently takes a "hawkish" stance on the prospects for monetary policy. Therefore, the market for the most part expects a rate hike in the second half of 2019, and the completion of QE in this context is seen as an "intermediate stage". By the way, today the head of the Estonian Central Bank Ardo Hansson, who is also a member of the ECB, spoke. He supplemented the original list of "hawks", stating that the interest rate can be increased "before mid-2019".

Thus, the market demonstrates the demand for European currency, and this demand is very justified. But, despite the positive fundamental picture, traders are cautious about the growth of the euro/dollar pair. First, the demand for the euro is fueled only by rumors of the soon-winding QE, while the ECB's meeting ahead and therefore-the risk that these rumors pose will not find their confirmation. Secondly, the US economy continues to gain momentum (the latest example is the sharp increase in the ISM index of the non-manufacturing sphere in the US), so the dollar's position can not be written off. Now the greenback has suspended its growth because of the renewed uncertainty surrounding US-China relations. If the conflict worsens, the dollar will again be under strong pressure, but an alternative scenario can not be ruled out either.

That is why the growth of EUR/USD is so cautious. On the one hand, traders see the euro in certain perspectives, on the other hand, the June meeting of the ECB can present an unpleasant surprise.


Technically, if the EUR/USD pair overcomes resistance level 1.1770, the path will be opened to the next resistance level - 1.1950 (the average line of the Bollinger Bands indicator on the daily chart). This targeting of the pair's bulls can reach and before the ECB meeting, following the principle of "buy on the rumor". If the European regulator confirms the "hawkish" intentions, the EUR/USD pair will again return to the area of 20 figures.

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Burning forecast 06/06/2018

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Burning forecast 06/06/2018

The euro is trying to organize growth.

The main event for the markets remains the US-Europe and China trade conflict - but this event will not be developed until the G-7 summit on Friday.

The new prime minister of Italy has reassured investors - although his a populist, he does not wish to leave from the Eurozone at all.

The Euro is making another attempt at growth.

Buy from 1.1745, stop at 1.1700, the profit is 1.1945.

Alternative: Sell from 1.1615.


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Trading plan for the US session on June 6 EUR / USD

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To open long positions for EUR / USD, you need:

Buyers have reached new highs, and a break above the level of 1.1777 will lead to a new wave of growth in the resistance area of 1.1828, where I recommend fixing the profits. In the case of a downward correction in the second half of the day, euro purchases can be seen on a false breakdown from 1.1739 or on a rebound from 1.1702.

To open short positions for EURUSD, you need:

While the trade will be below the resistance level of 1.1777, sellers have a chance to decline to the support level of 1.1739, and then to return to the day's low, to the area of 1.1702, where I recommend fixing the profit. In the case of a repeat test of 1.1777, a breakdown of the level may occur, in which case the euro is best sold for a rebound of 1.1828.


Description of indicators

MA (average sliding) 50 days - yellow

MA (average sliding) 30 days - green

MACD: fast EMA 12, slow EMA 26, SMA

Bollinger Bands 20

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Trading plan for the US session on June 6 GBP / USD

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To open long positions for GBP / USD, you need:

Buyers of the euro need a second test and breakdown of resistance 1.3426, from where the upward trend will continue into the region of the new high of 1.3476, where I recommend fixing the profits. In the case of GBP / USD decline in the second half of the day, it is best to open long positions for a rebound from 1.3376.

To open short positions for GBP / USD, you need:

While the trade is below the level of 1.3426, the bears will try to play the scenario of returning the pound to the area of daytime lows, to the support area of 1.3376. If, in the second half of the day, the breakdown is 1.3426, then it's best to return to short positions in GBP / USD on a rebound from 1.3476.


Description of indicators

MA (average sliding) 50 days - yellow

MA (average sliding) 30 days - green

MACD: fast EMA 12, slow EMA 26, SMA

Bollinger Bands 20

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Donald Trump Unblocks Twitter Users Who Sued Him, But Appeals Ruling

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Weeks after a federal judge ruled that President Trump could not constitutionally block critics on Twitter, the users who originally sued him can see his tweets again. Trump unblocked the seven people who were named in the lawsuit from the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account, but the White House also appealed the judge’s ruling in the process.

Trading recommendations for the EUR / USD currency pair as of June 6, 2018

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After a long and painful bump, the quotation still managed to overcome the local maximum of 1.1743, the movement slowed.

Let's look at the current segment of the graph. For almost a week, the quotation fluctuated in the range of 1.1650 / 1.1720, consistently practicing the boundaries, where, as a result, our main level of 1.1650 played a pivot, continuing to form a corrective movement of May 30.

What is happening now, after the pulse candles, the "bullish" interest is a little stench, which is expressed in the current candle like "Doji". It is likely to consider the temporary regrouping of forces, within the current values.

Possible scenarios

We all know the theory, "breakdown / rollback" in the current scenario, it quite possibly takes place. The kickback point is again the border 1.1720, and already the continuation point and the possible trading level are set above the current local maximum of 1.1778. The fixation points are 1.1820; 1.1860.

The reverse picture looks like this, after retracement, we are drawn into the earlier broken range of 1.1650 / 1.1720, where our quotes continue to move.


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Gold monitors the Fed

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Having closed in the red zone for two months in a row, gold begins to rise from the ashes amid increasing rumors that the 6-week US dollar rally has come to an end. The escalation of trade tensions with China, Mexico, and Canada on the part of Washington testifies to the interest of the US administration in the weakness of its own currency. It was such speculation in the market during the height of the trade wars in the 1990s and 2000s that lowered the USD index by 20% and 12%. According to TD Securities, already in the fourth quarter of the precious metal will exceed the mark of $ 1400 per ounce, which was last seen in 2013. The company forecasts an average price of $ 1375 in October-December.

Dynamics of gold and dollar


The gradual decline in political risks in Italy after the announcement of the new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that the issue of the republic's exit from the eurozone is not on the agenda, as well as rumors about China's readiness to increase US imports of agricultural and energy goods by $ 70 billion in response to the abolition of tariffs The US reduced the demand for safe haven assets. Does not find gold support and in the physical asset market. According to authoritative sources Bloomberg, who wished to remain anonymous, purchases of precious metals by India in May fell to 77.6 tons (-39% m / m). According to the results of the third month of the spring of 2017, imports amounted to 126.2 tons. In January-May of this year, the figure fell to 289.3 tons (-42% y / y). One of the reasons is the weakness of the rupee, which has depreciated by 5% against the US dollar since early 2018.

Dynamics of gold in rupees and dollarsanalytics5b17edb637999.png

However, if during the rest of the year the world economy synchronizes its growth, including thanks to the restoration of GDP in the eurozone, then the forces of dollar "bulls" will begin to melt before our eyes, which will support both rupee and Indian imports. An indicative example is the second half of 2017, when talks about the normalization of monetary policy by central banks-competitors of the Federal Reserve made from the American currency an outsider G10.

It is possible that the gold could rush up after the euro got rid of political chains already now, however, the offensive movement of the bulls on XAU / USD is holding back the FOMC meeting scheduled for June 13. The futures market gives a 94% probability of raising the federal funds rate to 2%, and precious metals traditionally fall before the historic meetings of the Fed, so that after them, take off thanks to the implementation of the "sell on the rumor, buy on facts" principle. Judging by the actual for 2016-2017 templates, it makes sense to form long positions on gold immediately after the announcement of the verdict of the Federal Reserve.

Technically, the "bulls" leave no attempts to withdraw quotes from the descending channel, take the resistance by $ 1302 per ounce and activate the "Crab" pattern. If they succeed, the chances of achieving a target of 161.8% will increase. It corresponds to $ 1,350. On the contrary, a successful support test at $ 1,288 will open the way for the "bears" to the south as part of the "Expanding Wedge" pattern.

Gold, daily chart


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Weak data weakened the US dollar

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The euro rose today, gaining support not from rumors about the curtailment of the quantitative easing program by the ECB, but already because of official statements made by representatives of the Central Bank.

Today, the chief economist of the ECB, Peter Pret, pointed out that the leaders of the Central Bank are practically confident in the return of inflation in the euro area to a target level of just below 2.0% in the near future. Pret sees new signs of accelerating the growth of wages in the euro area, which in the future will spur the economy to growth, and will also lead to a more powerful inflationary momentum.

Let me remind you that at the beginning of this year, after a series of weak data indicating a slowdown in economic growth, the ECB representatives made a number of assumptions, including the postponement of the curtailment of the asset repurchase program, which was scheduled for September of this year.

Now such fears have become less likely, and despite the recent slowdown in economic growth, as well as political instability in Italy and Spain, the ECB may still resort to curtailing the quantitative easing program under which the Central Bank buys assets of 30 billion euros per month.

Data in the afternoon on the US economy exerted even more pressure on the US dollar.

According to the report of the US Department of Labor, labor productivity in the first quarter of 2018, although it showed growth, but at a slower pace.

Thus, labor productivity outside the country's agriculture grew by only 0.4%, whereas earlier it was reported an increase of 0.7%. In the fourth quarter of 2017, productivity growth was 0.3%.


Specific labor costs in the 1st quarter increased by 2.9% per annum.

Economists expected an increase in labor productivity outside agriculture by 0.6%, and unit labor costs were to grow by 2.8%.

The deficit of foreign trade in the US in April fell, due to the fact that Americans bought less foreign goods. Good growth was noted in exports, primarily due to record volumes of oil.

According to the US Department of Commerce, the foreign trade deficit in April this year fell by 2.1% compared to the previous month and amounted to 46.20 billion dollars. Import fell by 0.2%, while exports increased by 0.3%. Economists had expected a deficit of $ 48.7 billion.

As for the duties imposed by US President Donald Trump, it is unclear from the report whether they brought their own benefit or not.

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Trading recommendations for the USD / CHF currency pair as of June 6, 2018

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The USD / CHF currency pair is currently in the correction phase after it has reached the resistance level range of 1.0050 / 1.0100. Considering the current picture, we can say that the "bears" have already received more than 200 points of the return stroke, reaching the level of 0.9850, which at the same time reflects to us the interlacing with the "Fibo" value of 23.6. It is possible to assume that the concentration near the value of 0.9850 will continue, pouring out a temporary stagnation within 0.9820 / 0.9890, where traders will be able to place orders.

Trading Opportunities

- The position on the purchase can be considered after fixing the price above 0.9900, with the prospect of 0.9960 and the possible refill to 1.0050. (value 1.0050 is considered only after fixing above 0.9985)

- Positions for sale can be considered after fixing the price below 0.9820, with the prospect of 0.9770 / 0.9730.

Key Levels

Resistance zones: 0.9960 *; 1.0050 **

Support zones: 0.9850; 0.9770 *

* Periodic level

** Range level


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