People Buy Bottled Water In Quest For Immortality, Psychology Study Says

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Researchers say people keep buying bottled water, despite knowing the negative effect the plastic could have on the environment, because they are afraid of dying and are seeking immortality. The idea comes from a study into the messages of bottled water advertising, both overt and covert, as well as those of public anti-bottled water campaigns.

No, Alexa Won’t Respond During The Amazon Echo Superbowl Ad – Here’s Why

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Amazon had a great holiday season selling Alexa-powered devices, but it’s not done pushing the gadgets to consumers. The company is set to advertise the Alexa gadgets during the Super Bowl on Sunday -- and those ads probably won't accidently trigger users' Alexa devices. 

Moody's: Upcoming Elections Increase Policy Uncertainty In Latin America

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The upcoming presidential elections in Latin America pose risks to fiscal and structural reforms in the region, said Moody's rating agency in a new report on the region.

"New governments may be less committed to pursuing ambitious reform agendas, following several years of weak growth. Even if commitment to reform remains, implementation may be challenging due to lack of political support," the agency warned.

Moody's analysts noted that corruption allegations against elected officials and weak economic performance throughout the region had fueled discontent with the current governments. "As such, there has been a surge in candidates that oppose reforms ahead of 2018 presidential elections in Brazil (Ba2 negative), Colombia (Baa2 stable) and Mexico (A3 negative) -- some of them new to politics or unaffiliated with traditional parties, promoting policies that tend to be at odds with those advocated by the established parties," said the report.

"Given the popularity of such candidates in Mexico and Brazil, these two countries face increased risk of policy reversals that could undermine fiscal consolidation and structural reform efforts," Moody's said.

In Colombia, despite growing dissatisfaction with the current government, institutional features, as well as support from the leading presidential candidates for prudent fiscal policies, would contribute to policy continuity despite political polarization, according to the rating agency.

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Dead Goose Plummets From Sky, Knocks Hunter Unconscious

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A Maryland goose hunter experienced the worst possible combination of a dead goose and gravity Thursday afternoon. Robert Meilhammer, 51, had the bad fortune of being underneath a dead Canada goose as it plummeted to the ground, knocking out and injuring the hunter, the Washington Post reported.  

Curiosity Rover Selfie Photobombed By Mars’ Mount Sharp

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The Curiosity Rover has been roaming the surface of Mars since it landed on the planet in 2012 - sending photos of its travels back to Earth for years. Most recently, the rover took a selfie from Vera Rubin Ridge, an area of the planet where the rover has been exploring for months now.

ARGENTINA: YPF And Petronas To Invest US$ 192.5 Million In Vaca Muerta

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Argentinean state-owned oil company YPF, in association with Petronas E&P Argentina (PEPASA), plans to move ahead with a project in the La Amarga Chica area, in the Province of Neuqu?n, in the Vaca Muerta field.

The joint investment commitment in this third stage, expected to be concluded in 2018's third quarter, amounts to US$ 192.5 million.

For this third and final stage in La Amarga Chica, both companies contemplate the drilling of ten horizontal wells and the construction of new works and facilities to transport the shale oil produced in the area. After the completion of this last stage, the companies will be able to decide on the start of the full development of the area.

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Super Bowl 2018 Odds: Popular Prop Bets For Patriots vs. Eagles

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There are seemingly countless prop bets when it comes to Super Bowl 2018 between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. You can make wagers on individual player performances, cross-sport bets, and bets regarding what happens before and after the game begins. The most popular prop bet is often one that takes no knowledge of the teams to make. Plenty of fans will wager on the coin toss, which of course offers a true 50/50 proposition.

Super Bowl 2018 Ratings: How Many People Will Watch Patriots vs. Eagles?

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There’s been plenty of talk regarding the declining NFL ratings. Viewership was down roughly 10 percent during the 2017 regular season, and the numbers have taken a hit in the 2018 playoffs, as well. With fewer people watching football compared to last year, the NFL’s biggest game could see a decrease in ratings. How many people will watch Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles?

Treasuries Extend Sell-Off Following Upbeat Jobs Data

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Extending a recent downward trend, treasuries moved sharply lower over the course of the trading session on Friday.

Bond prices came under pressure early in the session and remained firmly negative throughout the day. As a result, the yield on the benchmark ten-year note, which moves opposite of its price, jumped by 8.1 basis points to 2.854 percent.

The ten-year yield extended the strong upward move seen in the previous session to reach its highest closing level in four years.

The continued sell-off by treasuries came following the release of a Labor Department report showing stronger than expected job growth and a jump in wages.

The report said non-farm payroll employment surged up by 200,000 jobs in January after climbing by an upwardly revised 160,000 jobs in December.

Economists had expected employment to increase by about 180,000 jobs compared to the addition of 148,000 jobs originally reported for the previous month.

The Labor Department said the unemployment rate came in at 4.1 percent in January, unchanged from the three previous months and in line with economist estimates.

Meanwhile, the annual rate of growth in average hourly employee earnings accelerated to 2.9 percent in January from an upwardly revised 2.7 percent in December.

"Given companies such as WalMart have credited Trump's tax cuts as a way for them to afford higher worker pay we suspect we will see the wage numbers pick-up further," said James Knightley, Chief International Economist at ING.

He added, "Consequently, it will need a big shock to prevent the Fed from hiking in March, but it could happen in the form of a damaging government shutdown should politicians fail to resolve their differences."

Separately, revised data released by the University of Michigan showed only a slight deterioration in consumer sentiment in the month of January.

The report said the consumer sentiment index for January was upwardly revised to 95.7 from the preliminary reading of 94.4. Economists had expected the index to be upwardly revised to 95.0.

With the bigger than expected upward revision, the consumer sentiment index is just below the final December reading of 95.9.

The economic calendar for next week is relatively light, although traders are likely to keep an eye on reports on service sector activity and international trade.

Bond traders are also likely to keep an eye on the results of the Treasury Department's auctions of three-year and ten-year notes and thirty-year bonds.

The Treasury said it plans to sell $26 billion worth of three-year notes next Tuesday, $24 billion worth of ten-year notes next Wednesday and $16 billion worth of thirty-year bonds next Thursday.

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Father Impregnates Biological Daughter, Plans To Marry, Warrants Show

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A North Carolina man and his biological daughter face incest charges after the adopted girl turned 18 and reached out to her biological parents. She and her dad soon began a sexual relationship and the two have plans to marry, warrants say.