LG V35 Release Date: G7-Inspired Smartphone Coming To US In August?

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LG Electronics is reportedly closer to launching a new smartphone. The next-in-line handset is said to be the LG V35, an updated version of last year’s V30.  Industry sources told South Korean news outlet Yonhap on Wednesday that LG is already preparing for the launch of the V35. The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, did not leak a timeline, but they confirmed that the phone is scheduled to release in the “near future.”

Elementary School Teacher Jared Anzelone Accused Of Indecent Exposure To Minor

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A Massachusetts elementary school teacher was arrested after he was accused of indecently exposing himself to a minor in a Walmart bathroom on Monday.

Burning Forecast 05/24/2018

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Burning Forecast 05/24/2018

EURUSD: We are waiting for a strong upward rebound.

On Wednesday, May 23, the Fed issued a report from the last meeting. Analysts now estimate almost a 100% likelihood of a rate hike at the next meeting of the Fed on June 13. However, this fact could not give the dollar a new impetus for growth. The dollar is trying to grow, but success is minimal. This indicates the need for a strong pullback in the dollar, if not a reversal.

Buy the euro from 1.1835, stop 1.1790, profit 1.2000.

There is no right level for selling the euro yet.


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Samsung Electronics Offices Raided Amid Claims Company Sabotaged Labor Union Activities

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Samsung Electronics offices in South Korea were raided by prosecutors Thursday morning on charges that the company attempted to sabotage labor union activities.  The Investor reports that the unit is being accused of taking part in the attempt spearheaded by Samsung Group. The raid comes about a week after the arrest of Choi Pyeong-seok, the executive of Samsung Electronics Service who is in charge of the human resources division of the company. 

Control zones GBP/USD 24.05.18

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The GBP/USD pair continues to form a downward medium-term model. All attempts at growth are limited to control zones, where supply increases and the fall resumes. Today's resistance is NKZ 1/4 1.3383-1.3376. As long as the pair is trading below this zone, the main target of the decline is the NKZ 1/2 1.3284-1.3270 which is located within the monthly control zone of May. The coincidence of zones indicates a high probability of increasing large demand in their test. The fixation of the entire short positions will be optimal when entering the limits of the monthly control zone.


For the formation of the correctional model of the higher level, a breakdown and fixation above the NKZ 1/4 is necessary. This will open the way for growth to the next resistance of the NKZ 1/2 of 1.3462-1.3448 that will test to determine the priority for the next week. To continue the downward movement, it will be sufficient to keep the price below the level of 1.3462 at American sessions. If the closure of one of the Chicago sessions occurs above the NKZ 1/2, the entire downward medium-term model will be considered complete and a deep correction model and the formation of a new market phase will begin.


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The dollar strengthens everyday

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The euro continues to fall unexpectedly. Over the past 6 weeks, the decline further lower than 750 points and reaches the levels of July last year this time. The rate of decline corresponds to previous review in August 2014, when the eurozone crisis was spiraling upward on the spearhead with Greece and Cyprus. Now, we see a situation almost similar since the US is in conflict with Europe, Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, China and even Mexico and Canada at the same time. And, it is the regulated growth of the dollar on the basis of geopolitical tensions which is the main reason for the ongoing processes in Forex. Above all, like the growth of bond yields, macroeconomic indicators, dollar restriction and other reasons are secondary important although important and interrelated, and, if necessary, breaking traditional correlations. The political and economic struggle in the US happened against the backdrop of a strong dollar, as Trump spoke about in his election campaign and which became the talk for about the past six months. A number of inconsistencies and internal obstacles in the US itself, including the struggle with Trump of forces opposing it, have postponed this large-scale plan for several months. In the medium and long term, we are expecting the euro at 1.01 up to 0.8350, as mentioned in the May 14 article"Long-term perspective of the euro".

Yesterday, investors' moods to sell the euro increased with the release of unfavorable economic data for the single currency. The business activity index in the service sector (Services PMI) of the euro area for May showed a decrease from 54.7 (revised down from 55.0) to 53.9. While Manufacturing PMI declined from 56.2 to 55.5 versus expectations of 56.1. On the contrary, the US Services PMI increased from 54.6 (revised upward from 54.4) to 55.7, and Manufacturing PMI increased from 56.5 to 56.6 (at the forecast level). The consumer confidence index of the euro area in May remained at zero level. US sales of new homes in April amounted to 662 thousand against expectations of 680 thousand, but the mood of investors for sales was already strong.

The Fed's FOMC minutes of meeting to be released late in the evening confirmed that the rate will be raised in June ("... continue ... raising rates"), however, the markets along without additional statement presented a 100% rate hike at the nearest meeting, the quotes failed to achieve.

Today, Germany's GDP will be released for the first quarter in the 2nd assessment, with the forecast remained unchanged at 0.3%. The consumer climate index in Germany GfK for June is also expected to be unchanged at 10.8 points. At 12:30 PM London time, FOMC minutes will be issued from the last ECB meeting. But, investors with even greater confidence do not expect to see new information.

In the United States, the number of applications for unemployment benefits for last week is expected at 220,000 compared with 222,000 earlier. The house price index for March is expected to be 0.5% after 0.6% in February. Sales of homes in the secondary real estate market in April are forecasted by 5.56 million versus 5.60 million in March. The mood for euro sales is secured.

We are expecting for the single currency at 1.1600.


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In the gloomy London, the fog thickens

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In the United Kingdom, inflation indicators continued to put pressure on investor sentiment. The base CPI in April fell from 2.3% YoY to 2.1% YoY, with the expectation of a slight decline to 2.2% YoY. The total CPI fell from 2.5% YoY to 2.4% YoY, while expecting for its retention at the same level. The producer price index at the entrance gained 0.4% only in April against the forecast of 1.0% M/M. The producer price index at the output coincided with the expectation of 0.3% M/M. Retail prices in April increased to the expected 3.4% YoY against 3.3% YoY a month earlier. While housing prices fell from 4.4% YoY to 4.2% YoY. The balance of retail sales by CBI for May showed growth from -2 to 11 with the expectation of 4. The dollar index grew by 0.44% but under its additional pressure the pound sterling fell by 82 points.

Today, retail sales data for April will be published with 0.8% forecast against -1.2% in March. Against the background of the previous decline, the expected increase does not look very good. At 9:00 AM London time, Mark Carney will make a short speech at the Markets Forum 2018 event. Even if he talked about the monetary policy, he is unlikely to be optimistic after his speech in parliament and the latest economic data. Later at 8:10 PM London time, Carney will speak at the annual dinner of professional economists in London, where the exciting topic can already be touched. But here again, we do not expect any change in the tone of his speech.

We are looking forward to the decline of the pound sterling in the range of 1.3225 / 45.


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Predictable "Australian"

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Yesterday, the Australian dollar was down to 15 points under pressure from the US dollar. The iron ore (0.55%), copper (1.45%) and a number of other important goods for the Australian economy. While oil was declined by an average of 0.4% and gold fell by 0.35%.

Completed construction work in Australia in the first quarter showed an increase of 0.2% only against expectations of 1.1%. The positive indicator was the index of leading economic indicators from MI for March, which showed an increase of 0.2% against -0.1% a month earlier.

Today, an excellent data from New Zealand was released which indirectly help maintain the "Australian" currency. The trade balance of New Zealand in April was $ 263 million against the forecast of 200 million-156 million in March. But today, the United States expects moderately positive data, in particular, the number of applications for unemployment benefits expected at 220 thousand against 222 thousand earlier, and the house price index for March is expected to increase by 0.5%. Raw indices visually showed a downward turn (clearly expressed in terms of gas, which is also an important export component of Australia). We are expecting for the price's return to 0.7440.


* The presented market analysis is informative and does not constitute a guide to the transaction.

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Trump reminded that he is the boss

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The American president showed the markets again who is the boss in the house. His tweet on Tuesday night unfolded his mood in the global financial markets. His dissatisfaction with the process of negotiations between the states and the PRC, as well as the postponement of the meeting with the leader of North Korea, made investors fear that the negotiation process will be interrupted and a full-scale trade war will begin with all the ensuing problems for the world economy.

Against this backdrop, global stock markets traded on negative territory on Wednesday and the US dollar was under pressure since the beginning of the American trading session. Market participants saw the growing tension between Washington and Beijing as real and negatively affecting the dollar rate.

Moreover, there was another unpleasant moment for him, which was the increase in demand for defensive assets. Investors stepped up in the US state dollar market, buying government Treasury bonds which led to a decline in yield. So, the profitability of the benchmark of 10-year Treasuries fell by 1.56% to 3.017%. The dynamics of the government security yields has become one of the reasons for the pressure on the dollar. But, interestingly, gold remained in the negative territory. It seems that investors have not shown any interest to him yet.

On Wednesday, the commodity currencies were also under pressure but not really strong, as the decline in the dollar compensated for their weakness led by the publication of data from the US Department of Energy, showing a strong increase in oil reserves over the past week by 5.778 million barrels, gasoline by 1.883 million barrels and only stocks of distillates decreased by 0.951 million barrels. Against this backdrop, quotes of "black gold" went down along with the exchange rates of commodity currencies.

In addition to these events, the focus of the markets was on the publication of the minutes from the Fed's monetary policy meeting on May. Investors wondered if the regulator would continue to two more rate hikes in June and in September, and perhaps another increase by the end of this year. The minutes confirmed the continuation of this trend which continues to support the dollar exchange rate in the market.

Forecast of the day:

The GBP/USD pair remains in the short-term downtrend. After a small recovery to 1.3400, it can turn down and head to 1.3225.

The USDJPY pair continues to decline on the wave of growing geopolitical tensions in the World. The price is above the level of 109.45 and overcoming this level will lead to the continuation of its fall to 108.85.



* The presented market analysis is informative and does not constitute a guide to the transaction.

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Fractal analysis: GOLD as of May 24

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Forecast for May 24:

Analytical review on the scale of H1:


For Gold, the key levels on the H1 scale are: 1308.97, 1304.79, 1301.72, 1297.61, 1295.70, 1288.63, 1285.92, 1284.19 and 1279.32. Here, the price has formalized the potential initial conditions for the top of May 21. Continued development of the upward trend is expected after passing the price of the noise range at 1295.70 - 1297.61. In this case, the target is 1301.72. In the area of 1301.72 - 1304.79 is short-term upward movement and also consolidation. The potential value for the upward structure from May 21 is the level of 1308.97. Upon reaching this level, we expect a pullback downwards.

Departure towards correction is possible after the breakdown of 1288.63. Here, the target is 1285.92. From this level, there is a high probability of a turn upwards. The range of 1285.92 - 1284.19 is the key support for the upward structure. Passing the price will lead to the development of the main downward trend. Here, the target is 1279.32.

The main trend is the formation of the potential for the top of May 21.

Trading recommendations:

Buy: 1297.61 Take profit: 1301.70

Buy 1304.80 Take profit: 1308.60

Sell: 1288.60 Take profit: 1286.00

Sell: 1284.00 Take profit: 1279.60

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