Two Common Gene Mutations Boost Breast Cancer Risk, Scientists Find

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A common set of genetic mutations has been linked to multiple types of cancer and now the women carrying these gene variants can add breast cancer to that list.

Flu Vaccine Based On Influenza Virus Genome Could Reduce Healthcare Costs

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Scientists are trying a new approach to developing vaccines that could lead to the production of a flu vaccine capable of effectively targeting a wide range of flu viruses. This could then be helpful in curtailing hospitalizations and reducing healthcare costs.

HomePod Release Date: Apple Speaker Will Be Released Soon, FCC Filing Suggests

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The release date for Apple’s much-anticipated HomePod speaker could be just around the corner, an FCC approval spotted by 9to5Mac suggests. Apple revealed the HomePod at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June and promised to ship the device during the recent holiday season. The company then pushed back the launch date.

Africans Made Their Own Glass, Didn’t Need Europeans, Archaeologists Say

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Sub-Saharan Africans were making glass way before Europeans showed up. Experts previously thought that the remnants of glassworking operations found more than 100 years ago at a site in southwestern Nigeria were evidence of glass being imported and then reworked, but recent research has shown that the thousands of glass beads and other pieces dated to between the 11th and 15th centuries and were made in the area. Europeans started exploring sub-Saharan Africa only toward the end of that timeline.

Here’s Why Dogs Chow Down On Poop, Research Says

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A newly released study offered up a new explanation as to why dogs often eat fecal matter made by them or other dogs, which is a practice also known as canine conspecific coprophagy. 

Watch: Police Revive Driver Who Overdosed On Heroin On Interstate

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With heroin use and deaths rising in the United States, the Connecticut State Police posted a video on its Facebook page to warn viewers away from the drug, especially while driving. In the video, officers pull an inert man from a pickup truck that had stopped on the interstate in Hartford, Connecticut, in a way that disrupted traffic.

No, The ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid AJ129 Will Not Hit Earth

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An asteroid that NASA categorized as a “potentially hazardous” object has no chance of colliding with Earth at any point in the coming century, despite reports hinting at an impending doom for the planet. The space agency said Jan. 19 that the asteroid, dubbed 2002 AJ129, will be at least as far from Earth as 10 times the distance to the moon, which roughly translates to about 2.6 million miles. It will pass at that distance Feb. 4 around 4:30 p.m. EST.

Apple Watch Series 3 Vs. Fitbit Ionic: Which Device Is Best?

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The Apple Watch Series 3 and the Fitbit Ionic are some of the latest wearable devices on the market. While both devices can help users stay active, there are some differences that could help a person choose which gadget is best for them. Here’s how the devices compare.

NASA Bumps Jeanette Epps From International Space Station Crew Ahead Of Launch

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NASA announced some changes to the space station missions and the flight assignments for 2018 on Thursday. The agency announced that Jeanette Epps, who was scheduled to make history as a member of the Expedition 56/57 crew, scheduled to launch in June, was removed from that specific mission to the International Space Station.

CCR: Company May Bid For Subway Lines In Peru And Colombia

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Brazilian infrastructure firm Companhia de Concess?es Rodovi?rias (CCR) may take part in the bidding process for subway lines in Colombia and Peru, said Leonardo Vianna, the company's vice-president for mobility.

"The subway projects of Bogot?, Colombia, and Lima, Peru, are interesting," he said. "We need to wait to see how the rules will be set up."

The company had the winning bid in an auction to operate two subway lines in S?o Paulo, Brazil, earlier today. Vianna said that the city holds "many opportunities for the private sector. We are studying to take part in the tenders of lines 8 and 9 of the subway, the line 13 of urban trains, which will connect to the Guarulhos airport, and the line 15, also in the monorail," said Vianna.

CCR major shareholders include Camargo Correa, Soares Penido and Andrade Gutierrez, construction firms which were involved in the Lava Jato corruption scandal. Also, Camargo Correa admitted its participation in a corruption scheme to defraud public tenders for subway lines construction in seven Brazilian states.

Vianna said that any corruption allegations that may arise about the construction of the lines 5 and 17 of the subway in S?o Paulo would not shake CCR.

"Any possible complaint will not affect the consortium, only those involved in the construction. We've just come in," he said.

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